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Screen cleaner

Screen cleaner

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Simple steps when using the Screen cleaner.

Step 1 - Press the top of the Screen cleaner to spray at the device 

Step 2 - Spray on the device's screen with the cleaner several times. (Remember to use in the distance of 10cm from the screen)etc.

Step 3 - Proceed to wipe the device of your choosing using the cleaners soft microfiber body. 

3-1  Portable Screen cleaner spray that wipes mobile phones, laptops, and INCLUDING iPads as well. The product also comes with a protective case and cleaning fluid. Washable and refillable at anytime.

Giving yourself a chance to keep any of your electronics screen clean and sleek no matter where you decide to go with this portable Screen cleaner and case.

The protective case is used so that it can contain the microfibers material for a longer period of time, and allowing you to carry it in your pocket or bag preventing it from touching anything from getting wet like your clothes.

You have NOTHING to worry about when using this product once and buying a new one immediately, the cleaner is refillable, so that you don’t have to buy a few more, you can enjoy it for a longer period by simply refilling it overtime. 

NOTE: The entire protective case is made out of microfiber cloth, meaning you can use it on any of its sides or the face of the case as well.

If and when the microfiber cloth stops cleaning the screen when you wipe, and you see the access dirt on it, you can wash the fiber right underneath water, give it time to dry and use it again right after.

Available colors: Black

Shipping could take 1-2 weeks

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