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Scientific Calculator with Erasable writing

Scientific Calculator with Erasable writing

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Scientifc Calculator

About this item
Scientific Calculator with Writing Tablet: Scientific calculator can write out your calculations directly on the tablet for easy organization and review - no more lost scraps of paper or misplaced equations!
200+ Computing Functions: This scientific calculators has everything you need to solve complex equations and get the right answer every time.
2-Line Display: See all your calculations in crystal-clear detail with the large 6 inch LCD display screen in math calculator, easy-to-read display - perfect for students who need to doublecheck their work.
Battery Powered: Scientific calculators is powered by CR2025 battery, so don't worry about the battery dying anymore. Make sure you're ready for every math class with this essential scientific calculator.
Foldable & Portable: Take this scientific calculator with you wherever you go - it is only 152g, light in weight and perfect for middle, high school, and college students who need to crunch numbers on the go!”

Fraction calculations
Combination & permutation
Statistics (List-based STAT data editor, standard deviation, regression analysis) 9 variables
Table function
Equation calculations
Integration/differential calculations
Matrix calculations
Vector calculations
Complex number calculations
CALC function
SOLVE function
Base- n calculation

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