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Satin lined beanies

Satin lined beanies

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Are you tired of wearing beanies that frizz up up your hair, maybe you’re tired tired of trying to put on your durag before going out or before heading to bed?

Well you’re in good hands because we have decided to put both materials together and create a satin lined beanie!

This protective style has a luxurious feel due to the smooth and silky texture. Sheets, clothing and headwear are made of durable synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon, and/ or rayon which is good and easy care for your hair!

The satin lined beanie will protect your hair from winter weather such as the cold, wind and snow. The satin lining will keep your hair moisturized and prevent hair breakage, so what are you waiting for!? Go and get yours at a fair price today before it runs out!

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