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Plasma Lighter

Plasma Lighter

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Simple steps when using the Plasma Lighter.

Step 1. Switch on the safety on- off button at the base of the lighter. 

Step 2. Slide the main switch upwards to activate it.

Step 3. Lightly touch the electric flame to your candle or other objects.

Step 4. Pull the main switch back to withdraw the electric art prongs.

Step 5. Move the safety switch at the base of the lighter to OFF to conserve battery power

Do you Hate it when you run out of matches or your lighters run out of fuel? Then you’re in luck because we have decided to shift towards a more sustainable route.

The lightweight design makes the lighter easy to carry and ideal for lighting things like candles, stoves, cigarettes, grills or starting a fire.

A sustainable alternative to traditional lighters, this rechargeable electric lighter can be charged with a USB line whenever it runs out of battery.

The lighter will provide approximately hundreds of uses on a single charge and is lightweight and wind proof.

Fun fact: Did you know that hundreds and millions of lighters get thrown away each year alone, that means our lands, oceans, water and foods can be contaminated with unnecessary plastic and chemicals as well? Buying one of our products can help create the solution to the everyday problem!

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