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Astronaut Led

Astronaut Led

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Are you looking for a unique lamp to illuminate your home? Then check out our Astronaut LED projector! This projector can project an enchanting display of stars and nebula onto your walls and ceiling!

This decorative interior light is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch to their home. The regular LEDs are boring, not great for your eyes when your sleeping and depending on your room can take forever to setup to your ceiling. Luckily with our Astronaut, it takes minutes to set up! 

* Includes three different lighting modes 

* Projects the cosmos onto your ceiling or walls 

* Brings serenity and calm to any environment 

* Ideal for children and adults 

* A more that perfect gift for friends and family

Steps to use Astro LED

1.  Put wire in the back of the Astro Led and connect to your outlet.

2. Press and hold the middle button on the back to turn the Astro LED.

3. The astronaut has good range of motion, so rotate its head upward to your ceiling.

4. Turn off your lights in your room and enjoy!


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